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PTA Meeting Schedule 2019-20

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Friday September 6th, 8:30am Cedaroak

Tuesday October 15th, 6:00pm Cedaroak Library

Friday November 8th, 8:30am Cedaroak

Tuesday December 10th, 6:00pm Cedaroak Library

Friday February 7th, 8:30am Cedaroak

Tuesday March 10th, 6:00pm Cedaroak Library

Friday April 3rd, 8:30am Cedaroak

Tuesday May 12th, 6:00pm Cedaroak Library

Tuesday June 2nd, 6:00pm Cedaroak Library

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Cedaroak School Calendar

Follow this link to visit the school website and view this month's current calendar: www.wlwv.k12.or.us/Page/20.