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Welcome to your Cedaroak PTA

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Cedaroak Park Primary! Every student's parent or guardian, please verify your accounts with Family Directory. This must be confirmed each school year. It is a Cedaroak Park Primary School tool, not PTA specific, but we encourage participation in these lists.



We may be biased, but we know you’ve chosen an amazing place to send your kids to school. Cedaroak is an outstanding school, and it has many people hard at work making that possible. Our administrators, teachers, PTA and students all strive, each day, to make it a special place to attend school.

Cedaroak Park Primary was just ranked as one of only two primary schools in the district with a 5 rating, the highest rank. That’s an amazing accomplishment, and we are all proud. We know, though, that this achievement is a direct result of the dedication of every member of the Cedaroak community. Thank you!

We look forward to seeing each of you in the coming days, weeks and months. We also love to have people reach out to us with questions, comments and suggestions. Don’t be shy. Join! PTA membership is only $15.


PTA Executive Committee Members

2019 – 2020

President, Mary Sandera – president@CedaroakParkPTA.com

Vice President, Amanda Vandergriff – vicepresident@CedaroakParkPTA.com

Vice President, Eric Nepom – vicepresident@CedaroakParkPTA.com

Secretary, Nat Weinham – secretary@CedaroakParkPTA.com

Treasurer, Lane Abrahamsen – treasurer@CedaroakParkPTA.com

Get Connected

SCHOOL WEBSITE - Staff emails/blogs, supply lists, school calendar, bus information, volunteer application, links to other sources of information.

LIST SERV - Sign up for your weekly Cedaroak Park Primary School newsletter “The Connection” and updates from the Principle & Superintendent. To sign up go here or visit the school website and in the upper right menu select ListServ Self Service, then select Forgot your passcode? / Don’t have a passcode?. Enter your email address and hit "Send Passcode"; check your inbox for an email from “WLWV”, this contains your passcode and two links, the 2nd link takes you directly to the subscription management page. Select “CPPS-Homes” & “WLWV-Homes”. We are working to streamline this.

FAMILY LINK - Check grades, attendance, lunch balance, sign up for conferences & enrichment classes. **Your email needs to be registered as the child’s Primary Contact. To add an email to your child’s account, contact the school office by email wanwrie@wlwv.k12.or.us or phone 503-673-7100** To sign up go here or visit the school website and in the upper right menu select Family Link. Select Forgot Password and then enter your email address in each of the following: Login, Email, Verify Email; check your inbox for an email from “Schoolmaster Familylink (WLWV Schools)”, this contains a link which takes you to a page to set a new password and complete your login. We are aware this is crazy and are working with parties involved to improve this sign up process.

FAMILY DIRECTORY - aka: MY SCHOOL ANYWHERE - Please sign in and verify your student's information. This must be confirmed each year. Contact classmates through this comprehensive directory for parents.

FLASH ALERT - District information alerts: school closures / delays due to weather or other emergency events.

HELP COUNTER - If you are interested in volunteering, joining a field trip, or being a spectator on school grounds (during Fun Run, Field Day, etc.) you **must** first complete the online volunteer application. Also found on the school website under For Parents then Volunteer Application.

PTA FACEBOOK - Find out about Spirit Days, Assemblies, Events and other happenings around school.

PTA WEBSITE - Be here now.

CEDAROAK PARK GARDENS - Information about the gardens and work of the Garden Committee.