A New Website for 2020-21

It’s the beginning of August, 2020. Cedaroak families have committed to either the online school year or the hybrid program. The former being rather self-explanatory, and the latter requiring a bit more definition. For one thing, the WLWV School District, in accordance with the Governor, have declared there will be no campus classes through to the end of October. By then, a decision will be made as to whether or not to resume campus classes in November. The hybrid program, an every-other-day-at-school concept, will function under a model called Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL.) And so we prepare to begin our 2020-21 school year with two discrete online programs. It is against this backdrop that the Cedaroak Park Primary School Parent Teacher Association is refurbishing its website.

This website serves to foster community among Cedaroak families. As the PTA functions to help every student, so too is the goal of this website. By providing access to PTA organizational information, such as bylaws and budgets, we help the ongoing structure of the PTA. By providing an online space for committee information we help provide resources to our community.

This year is going to be a new experience for every one of our students. They will need unique support this year. Hopefully our PTA website can find a way to contribute assistance in this new school experience.